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The Urban Chickens Family<br/>#LoveChickens #TheUrbanChickens #BackyardChickens #Seahawks Family #FamilySelfie #WeAre12s #GoHawks #12s
#LoveChickens #TheUrbanChickens #BackyardChickens #Seahawks Family #FamilySelfie #WeAre12s #GoHawks #12s

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Our Cat, Gryphon a.k.a. Fluffy Butt!
The Urban Chickens: Gryphon the cat

Hi! We’re a family of seven, who are crazy about our flock of backyard chickens! It all started with a suggestion, actually multiple suggestions, from our then 10-year old, and it has been an amazing journey ever since!

After much research, some planning, and trials and errors of starting to build our coop, we adopted baby chicks:  Ameraucanas, a Buff Orpington, a Black Australorp, a Black Sex Link, a Gold Sex Link, a White Leghorn, a Black Cuckoo Marans, and a Welsummer! They lived in our garage until they were old enough to make the leap to the big coop and have been happy there ever since. We free range our chickens except at night or when we needed to do coop training, or nesting box training, or there is some other reason for them to be inside their coop and run, such as mowing the lawn…

We admit they are spoiled chickens and we spend many an hour watching them play chicken, take dust baths, eat bugs, run around the yard attached at the hip, raid the garden, and generally eat everything they can find! They’re well-trained to listen for the sliding glass door to open and come running in case there are treats to be had. We’re very hands-on with our chickens but also careful about chicken hygiene. We’d love to share all we’ve learned so far and more as we continue our journey with chickens. We’d love to hear what you found helpful and also what didn’t work. We look forward to supporting a community of fellow chicken-lovers!

We decided to create a website to document our journey for our friends and family, as well as ourselves so we could quickly look back at how far The Urban Chickens have come (and how much they’ve grown), and also share our adventures and misadventures with you! Hope you enjoy our website and come back to visit often!

Chickens are sweet, smart, funny, loving creatures and we highly recommend considering starting a backyard chicken coop of your own! Your chickens will delight you with their antics and you will be surprised by how much joy they bring you. And then there are the fresh eggs, a total bonus! It’s just been so fun having chickens as pets—now that they’ve started laying eggs, it’s a whole new kind of fun!

Looking forward to many more exciting adventures and sharing them with you!

Love & Chickens,

The Urban Chickens Family

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