Ameraucana Chickens

Bearded Lady with Ear Tufts

Bearded Lady with Ear Tufts

Sisters: Sloth, Triple Tall & Mother Clucker

Blue-legged Sisters: Sloth, Triple Tall & Mother Clucker

Blue Eggs from an Ameraucana

Blue Eggs from an Ameraucana

Mother Clucker: a little broody

Mother Clucker: a little broody dinosaur!

Ameraucana chickens are primarily adopted for their incredibly sweet dispositions, gorgeous feather colors and markings, and probably the biggest reason—their blue eggs—which can range in shade from very light blue to sky blue.

Ameraucanas are an American breed originated and domesticated in the 1970s from Araucanas of South America to carry the blue egg gene. They are known for being some of the first pullets to start laying in the Spring and will lay year-round. Their eggs are medium-sized as pullets, increasing up to a large-sized egg as an adult and they are reliable layers, usually laying an egg a day.

Blue egg color is pure throughout the egg—solidly colored on the outside as well as the inside. Unlike brown eggs, which are “painted” on the outside of a white eggshell during the last 4 hours before laying, and are also white on the inside. Amazing fact, huh?

Having an Ameraucana lay eggs for you is like receiving a small jewel to treasure each day, and the super fun part is that you will find out what color blue egg your Ameraucana will lay on the first day she starts laying—a fun surprise in itself!

Will it be pale blue? sky blue? Only time and much patience :) will tell! Over time, egg color can darken or lighten, depending on age of the bird, health, stress, season, exposure to sunlight, etc.

Feather colors are quite diverse. Ranging from all black or blue, to gorgeous variations of browns, gold, and white. On their faces are cute little beards (yes, beards!) and on the sides of their head—ear tufts! As with any chicken, the way they are able to move these adorable facial features really adds to their charming personality!

On one bird the ear tufts may look like gray ear hair from an old man’s ear, on another chicken, it amplifies the velociraptor ability that most chickens possess—fanning every single feather on their head straight out.

Ameraucanas also have a pea comb and none or very tiny wattles. The pea comb resembles a crown, which is quite fitting for this royal-looking bird. The bottom of an Ameraucana’s feet are white, and their legs are generally blue-gray, or black on the all-black birds.

We hope you enjoy getting to know our Ameraucanas on our urban backyard farm and look forward to many years of enjoying their silly antics!