Black Australorp Chickens

The Urban Chickens - Black Australorp on the fence

Zelda, our Black Australorp, hanging out on the fence with friends

Zelda showing off her gorgeous tail plummage

Zelda showing off her gorgeous tail plummage

Black Australorps are a heritage heavy breed originated from Australia and are a cross with an English Black Orpington and Rhode Island Red, with Miorca, Leghorn and Langshan bred in to create the perfect utility, laying chicken. Thus the name, Austral-Orp. They are cold and heat-tolerant, good mothers and lay up to 250 extra, extra large light-brown eggs year round. Females can weigh up to 9 lbs, with males exceeding 10 lbs, and they are dual-purpose birds.

Their feathers are very soft and a glossy black with iridescent green and purple coloring. AustralorpsΒ stand tall and proud, almost regal. The Australorp’s comb is rather large and floppy and adds to the stunning site of this royal-looking bird. They are friendly to humans and enjoy being pet or picked up.

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