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Our Beloved Queue

Cuckoo Marans Chocolate EggsCuckoo Marans Chocolate Eggs

Cuckoo Marans are very sweet, docile birds, prized for their chocolate-brown colored eggs and originated in Marans, France. They lay upwards of 180+ eggs per year of medium to large size. Our Queue’s eggs are currently medium brown with red-brown speckles and splotches on them!

Cuckoo Marans are also a dual-purpose bird for both meat and eggs, although currently, we have no plans to eat our pet chickens. Queue will grow to around 6 lbs—she is a very mature and filled out hen already!

Marans have orange eyes and either have leg feather tufts or are clean-legged, depending on if they are from France or England. Queue is clean-legged and she has orange eyes—her right eye has a very unusual pupil—one of the other chickens may have pecked her when she was younger…as chickens tend to do.

Marans are heritage breed birds.