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The-Urban-Chickens-Lily-Pho On our backyard urban chicken farm in the Seattle, Washington area, we have eight different chicken breeds or hybrid chickens that we highly recommend. There are many, many wonderful breeds and hybrids for backyard chicken farms, we are sharing the knowledge of what we have learned about our own chickens, in hopes that you may have the same joyful experiences with chickens of your own!

The Urban Chickens Flock of Chickens

For Friendliness, For Kids, For Easy-going Chickens

Ameraucanas, Cuckoo MaransGold Sex Link, Black Sex Link

The Urban Chickens-Sloth-Ameraucana
The Urban Chickens - Look Mom, no hands

We share with you what their temperaments and personalities are like, how they mature, what color eggs they lay and approximately how many eggs each chicken breeds lays, their approximate full-grown weight, and how long they can live. We’ll entertain you with their antics and charm you with their silliness!

For Lots of Chicken Eggs

Gold Sex Link, White Leghorn

The Urban Chickens 200th Egg and 1-year old!

Apricot’s 200th Egg at almost 1-year

The Urban Chickens White Leghorn 100th Egg

Marshmallow and her 100th Egg!

And, well, of course we are partial to the breeds we have in our flock, but even so, some are definitely more preferred in our minds for a backyard flock than others. Think of it this way, as our local farmer explained to us: your flock is only as calm and amicable as the most high-strung and aggressive chicken in your flock—that is the chicken that will drive the flock—whether by personality alone or by hormones.

For Fun Colors of Chicken Eggs

Ameraucanas (Blue Eggs), Cuckoo Marans (Brown Speckled Eggs), Welsummer (Chocolate Brown Eggs and Brown Speckled Eggs), Buff Orpington (Pink Eggs)

The Urban Chickens Ameraucana Welsummer Cuckoo Marans
The Urban Chickens Blue Eggs and Chocolate Brown Eggs

That being said, these are the breeds we have in our backyard flock. Please read their descriptions in full to understand the depth of what you are getting into, with the caveat that every chicken, like every living thing, is also an individual, and your experience may be completely 180 degrees from ours! (Although some breeds are truly known for being friendly or bossy, so do your research and choose wisely :)

Check them out and let us know if you have any questions. We love our chickens!! What are you favorite chicken breeds or hybrids and why?

For Silly Antics and Free, Comedy “Chicken TV”


Sisters: Sloth, Triple Tall & Mother Clucker

Sisters: Sloth, Triple Tall & Mother Clucker

The Urban Chickens - Triple Tall at 20 Weeks

Triple Tall at 20 Weeks

Heritage Chicken Breeds

Cuckoo Marans, Welsummer, Black Australorp

The Urban Chickens - Welsummer Cuckoo Marans

The Urban Chickens Black Australorp Zelda


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