Chicken Food

For your chicken’s optimal health, it is recommended to feed specially-formulated food for chickens. There are organic feeds, non-organic feeds, soy-free feeds, and farmer-created feeds. Medicated feeds, feeds with prebiotics and probiotics. The options are many and adaptable to your needs.

We use a food grade bucket and lid with slots cut into the bottom of the bucket to auto-feed our chickens as they need—they self-regulated. We place the bucket inside a large baking pan and set it all on a raised platform. Keeps the food clean from getting pooped in, keeps the feed from getting knocked over, and is a good height for the chickens to eat from without straining their necks!

We also feed our chickens scratch as a treat—scratch is not food source—it is a treat and does not provide sufficient nutrients or protein. When you do give your chickens scratch, watch how they eat it out of your hand—they will meticulously choose out their favorite pieces—notably the sunflower seeds before eating it all up. Sunflower seeds are like candy to birds and are to be fed in moderation.

It’s important chickens get the majority of their calories from chicken feed and fresh bugs and worms from the yard and garden, fresh veggies and grass, and fresh kitchen scraps. Fresh kitchen scraps include many yummy things for chickens but be sure to review the list of items that are poisonous or toxic to chickens first!

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