Camp FAQs


What is the ratio of staff to campers?

We have a 1:6 adult staff to camper ratio and a 2:6 staff to camper ratio. Staff include junior camp staff, some of whom are CPR and First Aid certified.

Do you run background checks on your staff?

Our adult staff has been background checked through the Lake Washington School District and is a LWSD volunteer.

Is your camp licensed and insured?

The Urban Chickens are licensed and insured in the City of Kirkland and the State of Washington under Inspire Joy Inc Doing Business As The Urban Chickens.

What ages is your camp for?

The Urban Chickens camp is for boys and girls ages 8-14 based on their age on the date they start camp.

What if it rains?

If it is lightly raining outside but still moderate in temperature, we will continue with our scheduled activities. If it is heavily raining or lightening/thunder storming, our activities will continue inside.


How do I register?

Online Registration for Camp

  • To Register Online, visit and click the Camp Registration and Payment link to register and pay with your credit card.
  • Complete the two registration forms (Camp Registration Agreement form and Medical Authorization, Release and Waiver of Liability form) located at prior to First Day Check In and bring them with you to First Day Check In. Be sure to read the other important camp forms listed on the Parent Information Letter and on our website.
  • Note: The deadline for Camp Registration ends Sunday at noon the week before camp begins. Please call us directly and we can add you manually if there is room.
  • All sales are final and there are no refunds.
  • If unforeseen circumstances arise prior to camp, that prevent camp from being held, you will be given at least five days notice and all payments will be refunded to you.

When do I pay?

Payment is due during online registration.

Did my registration go through?

How will I know my registration has been accepted?

You will receive a confirmation receipt for your payment.


What if the session I want to register for is full?

If the session your child would like to attend is full, please select their second choice. If you’d like to be added to a waiting list, please email us at and we will do our best to get your child into their first choice if space becomes available.

Can friends attend camp together?

Will my child be with friends if they choose the same camp session?

Of course! In fact we encourage your camper to bring a friend and provide a discount for you when your friend also registers and pays for camp. Please provide your friend’s name and enter the promo code. See complete discount rules below.

Discounts: All discounts require full payment of camp fee prior to or on First Day Check In. *Only one (1) discount may be used at any time per person, family, or camp session you are registering for. No other discounts apply with any other discount or offer. There are no refunds or credits on fees paid using a discount.


What is the check-in process like?

How do I check-in my child? What does that process look like?

As you arrive at camp, you will be greeted by camp staff who will collect your completed registration forms and go over them with you. First Day Registration and Check In begins promptly at 8:00am on Mondays.

When does camp start and end?

Camp is 8am-Noon, Monday – Friday

  • First Day Registration and Check In begins at 8:00am on Monday morning for the M-F 8am—Noon camp.
  • Camp drop off and check in is from 8:00-8:05am each Monday through Friday morning and camp begins promptly at 8:10am.
  • Camp ends promptly at Noon each day, except for on Friday morning when we invite all parents and family at 11:30am to attend a “bring your own lunch” picnic and watch our show sharing what we learned during our week at camp! Camp then ends at noon.

How do I find my child at the end?

How do I find my child at the end of session?

Each session ends with reflection on the days activities and sharing with our new friends! We will be in a group together reflecting on our day and either in the front or back yards.

NOTE: *You must sign out your child with camp staff prior to leaving with your child. Please make sure adults you have authorized for pick up of your child are notified.

I can’t pick my child up…

Can someone else pick my child up for me?

If your child is being picked up by someone else, they must be listed on the camp staff’s sign-out sheet. You will have already provided this information on the Camp Registration Agreement form. If this information changes, parent/guardian must notify The Urban Chickens in writing of the change for record keeping purposes and the safety of your child.


Can I drop off/pick up my child early or late?

Late Pick Up / Late Pick Up Fee / Forfeit of Participation:

There is a $10 late fee for campers not picked up by 12:05pm. Camper cannot attend camp the next day until the late fee is paid.

Parents who pick up their child late from camp are charged a Late Pick Up Fee that must be paid prior to their camper attending the next day of camp. If the Late Pick Up Fee is not paid, the camper will be excused from camp and forfeits the opportunity to attend camp. Absolutely no refunds will be given. Please be on time for the joy of your child.

Further, in addition to the Late Pick Up Fee, children who are not picked up from camp before 12:15pm for the morning camp session, forfeit their opportunity to continue participating in camp for the remainder of the camp session and absolutely no refunds will be given. Again, please be on time for the joy of your child.


If camper is on medication, or a reduced exercise program from camper’s doctor that is new or different from information provided on the Camp Registration Agreement, or authorized persons for pick up or emergency contacts have changed, please inform adult camp staff at camp check in each morning.

Who administers camper meds?

Please administer all medications prior to attending camp. If your camper has a medicine need that must occur during camp, please contact us directly. A Medicine Note must be provided and completed by your child’s physician in addition to the child’s parent. If your camper needs prescription medication, we need to see the information accurately provided on the label.

Does camp provide medications?

No, the camp does not provide any medication. For minor abrasions or cuts, we clean the area well with soap and water and cover it with a bandage.

My child has dietary needs…

My child has dietary needs. Can camp accommodate that?

The Urban Chickens camp does not provide any food other than the food and water items below:

  • ice water or ice water with lemon or cucumber
  • garden veggies fresh from our organic garden
  • watermelon
  • otter pop

All snack food and drink items are otherwise supplied by the camper. Please be sure to provide any allergy information on the Camp Registration Agreement in the medical and emergency sections, and supply your camper with their own food and drinks if they are unable to consume the above items. Thank you.

Pet Allergies

For those with pet allergies, we will be around chickens during the camp session and also have a very friendly farm cat that is often with us.

What about disabilities?

How do you assist campers with disabilities?

We do our best to provide a positive experience for campers with mild disabilities. Please call us at 206-240-9304 to share your child’s specific needs and we can talk about the ways that we can create a healthy and fun experience for your child. We want all campers to have a successful, awesome week at camp!


Can I visit my child at camp?

Can I visit my child while he or she is at camp?

To preserve the unique environment of camp, we ask that parents do not visit their children while they are at camp. There is an opportunity to join your camper for a show on the last day of camp where campers will share and reflect on what they did during their week at camp! Hope to see you there!!

What do campers do all day?

What will my camper do during the day?

During a week at The Urban Chickens’ camp we will be playing outside, gardening, experimenting with science, creating works of art, getting wet, and hanging out with chickens!!

What is a Sample Schedule of Camp Activities?

Here is a Sample Schedule of Camp Activities:

The Urban Chickens Sample Day Camp Schedule

  • Preview day’s activities
  • Review camp safety and safe bird handling
  • Prep breakfast for chickens
  • Meet & Greet with The Urban Chickens
  • Morning farm chores
  • Nose to Beak
  • Break and Snack; Physical Activity and/or Water Activity
  • Chicken Art or Science
  • Nose to Beak
  • Camper clean up
  • Reflection & Sharing
  • Departure

Can campers have cell phones/electronics?

To enjoy our time at camp, the following items are to be left at home:

  • cell phones
  • electronics of any kind
  • money
  • valuables/jewelry/watches that could be lost or stolen
  • weapons of any kind
  • candy
  • pets

If a camper does bring any of the above items to camp, the item(s) will be safely stored until the end of camp, when it can be picked up, or parent(s) will be contacted to pick up and remove the item(s) from camp.

How do you discipline campers?

In minor situations, camp staff will explore camper motives when a child acts out and appropriate consequences will be explained to the camper and carried out, such as a a verbal redirection or time out from an activity.

If a situation persists or is more serious, camp staff will contact parent(s) via a phone call and parents will talk with their own child. Appropriate consequences will be explained to the camper and then carried out after discussion with parent(s). In severe situations, a child may need to be sent home. No refunds are given when a camper misses camp or needs to be sent home.

There is absolutely no form of physical punishment.

We would most like for your child to continue to be able to attend camp—please work with us to ensure we can collectively make this happen! Thanks!!

Where are Lost & Found items?

What happens to Lost & Found items?

Lost & Found items are held until the 15th of each month. If your child is missing something after their time at The Urban Chickens’ camp, send an email to with a detailed description of the item and the camp session your camper attended. We will do our best to locate the item for you. We ask that you pay the cost of shipping or pick up the item.

What do campers eat?

The Urban Chickens’ camp does not provide any food other than the food and water items below:

  • ice water or ice water with lemon or cucumber
  • garden veggies fresh from our organic garden
  • watermelon
  • otter pop

All snack food and drink items are otherwise supplied by the camper. Please be sure to provide any allergy information on the Camp Registration Agreement in the medical and emergency sections, and supply your camper with their own food and drinks if they are unable to consume the above items. Thank you.

Where is The Urban Chickens’ camp located?

The Urban Chickens’ backyard farm is located above Safeway on Finn Hill in Kirkland. After you have registered and paid for camp you will receive a confirmation email with additional camp information and specific directions to camp. For privacy purposes and for the safety of our own children, we do not publicly provide our location and ask that you please keep it private as well. Thank you!!

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