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The-Urban-Chickens-Fresh-Eggs Comparison of a fresh store-bought free range egg (top) to our fresh free range egg (bottom)

$6.00/Dozen—Rainbow Assortment of Fresh Eggs from our Free Range Urban Chickens
Looking for delicious farm-fresh eggs packed with flavor and nutrition, please contact us to pick up a dozen or two!

Our Eggs

Our farm-fresh eggs have colorful, thick shells, with beautiful whites that are so fresh they stand up in the pan and incredibly orange yolks with a very deep and rich flavor. Your taste buds will thank you and your recipes will be all the more flavorful and rich with the addition of farm-fresh eggs. Take the time to gather fresh ingredients to feed your body and fuel your soul—you will notice the benefits.

Our eggs are yummy eye candy—enjoyment for all the senses! You will receive a rainbow variety of colors in an upcycled egg carton. We take recycling and helping to preserve our world seriously and thus reuse our egg cartons.

Our Free Range Chickens

Our chickens free range all day, scratching for bugs and eating grass and live a very happy, carefree life. The girls spend their days scratching and pecking, taking dust baths, preening, eating, egg laying, and generally having a relaxing good time! Visit our chickens on Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates!

Egg Availability

Eggs are available in the spring, summer and early fall, and possibly year round. Eggs may be available in more limited quantities during the late fall and winter. Our girls’ egg laying may slow down due to decreasing light in the fall and winter, and several of our girls may decide to take the winter off entirely to rest and restore their bodies for spring egg laying, just as nature intended. Contact us to ensure egg availability and to check if we have sold out!

Comparison of Free Range Eggs

Curious how store-bought, free range organic chicken eggs compared to free range backyard farm chicken eggs from our own chickens, we did a comparison.

For the store-bought, free range eggs, our results surprisingly revealed a thinner egg shell, paler yolk color, and the flavor was decent but lacking the depth and richness of a truly fresh egg.

We honestly expected the egg to be very similar to an egg from one of our chickens as all the packaging really sold the eggs as being made with sunshine and fresh air, etc, and at $5.99 per dozen, we expected more!

We are completely sold on raising our own chickens and are thrilled we made the commitment to do so. If you’re thinking about starting your own backyard farm—we highly encourage you to take the leap!!! It’s easier than you think! Go for it!!! Contact us if you would like assistance setting up your own backyard flock!

$6.00/Dozen—Rainbow Assortment of Fresh Eggs from our Free Range Urban Chickens 

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