Gold Sex Link Chickens

Apricot's 200th Egg at almost 1-year

Apricot’s 200th Egg at almost 1-year

About Gold Sex Link Chickens

Our Apricot is Gold Sex Link chicken. Gold Sex Link chickens generally start laying eggs around 18-22 weeks old and lay 250+ large brown eggs per year—throughout the entire year, and produce this quantity of eggs for about 5 years. They are great egg producers and have friendly, pet-like personalities.

Gold Sex Links, also known as hybrids, are a cross between two layer breeds, a Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire rooster and a White Rock. They are referred to as “sex link” due to the females hatching as one color and the males as another, so it is easy to distinguish their sex when they are born, which is important when you want laying hens, and not a yard full of roosters on an urban farm!

Their body type is more rounded and full, with a single comb and they are cold tolerant. Gold Sex Links are well suited to small coops or free range farming. Our Apricot will grow to weigh between 4-5 pounds.