Gryphon: Our Cat-Dog

The Urban Chickens: Gryphon Our Amazing Cat-Dog!

The Urban Chickens - Gryphon the Cat: Friend and Protector of Chickens

The Amazing Gryphon

The Urban Chickens - Gryphon the Cat: Friend and Protector of Chickens

Gryphon: Our Cat

The Urban Chickens - Gryphon the Cat: Friend and Protector of Chickens

Gryphon the Cat :)

The Urban Chickens: Gryphon the cat

Gryphon, Fluffy Butt!

The Amazing Gryphon Rainbow

What is a Gryphon Rainbow, you ask? Well, Gryphon is our family’s cat. His full name is Gryphon Rainbow Urban, named by our sons when they were 4 and 6. Being raised with four and six year olds, he’s very friendly, laid back, and loves people—really loves people! Usually, he acts like a kitten at heart, both in his sweetness and his mannerisms, but he does also have a little wild cat in him and he likes to play rough when you’re unsuspecting—it’s way more fun that way. We adopted him from a rural farm area home in Carnation when he was six weeks old.

Our Cat-Dog

Like a dog, Gryphon drinks water from the hose, or any sprinkler, (or your drinking glass when you’re not looking—or even when you are), and sprawls out on his back wanting his tummy rubbed. He throws himself at your feet for attention, curls around your legs and hops into anyone’s lap every chance he gets! He also tolerates wearing a pink, glittery collar, (with a bell even!), so we know where Gryphon is at all times, which is helpful on summer nights when it’s still light out at 10pm and I’m trying to get him to come inside for the night but he is refusing with usual cat stubbornness.

He listens pretty well for a cat but does not fetch, unless he wants to—most interactions with cats are on their terms, ya know! He also respects the chickens, always has, even though the chickens are now bigger than him anyway, he knows to leave the chickens alone. I think he enjoys their company!

Our 18-year old cat passed away last summer and Gryphon stopped leaving our yard after that and solely hangs around outside the house. I think he got lonely. Good thing, because now he has chicken buddies to keep him company! And the chickens accept Gryphon but when they decide they’ve spent enough time with Gryphon, they are sure to let him know by chasing him out of their turf, or pecking him on the butt. Apricot, our Gold Sex Link is especially in charge of chasing Gryphon. Poor Gryphon!—he just enjoys their companionship!

Gryphon is still a cat though. He will jump on things he’s not supposed to and when you ask him to get down, he tells you with his ears he can hear you, but only budges on his own time. Forget squirting him with a spray bottle to train him—this cat loves water! As a kitten, it was nearly impossible to keep him out of the kitchen sink, which was frustrating, but over time, he learned. At least we know he is likely to be well-hydrated.

He also never complains about his cat food and will only eat dry cat food. Sometimes he will eat cat treats, but it is rare. He doesn’t even really like to eat chicken either, which seems very odd, but he would happily eat popcorn if you let him! One thing he does love though is catnip! He will create a disaster getting into or just enjoying the catnip. Catnip. Everywhere.

Neighborhood Mascot

Gryphon enjoys hanging around people, any people, and will sometimes visit the neighbors over a block away. We’ve gotten calls from a rental home down the street, where the new renters think we may have lost our cat! We tell them we appreciate their concern and that he has decided to make himself the “neighborhood cat” and if he is ever a problem to please let us know. The neighbors think he is entertaining and may even keep away pests from their yard. They also comment on how charming he is and are amazed by his adventures—we really think he might actually be a small dog! :)

The Urban Chickens: Our Cat Gryphon

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