Hand Blown Egg Shells


A Rainbow of Eggs

Welsummer and Cuckoo Marans Eggs

Welsummer and Cuckoo Marans Eggs

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Blue Eggs from Ameraucanas

Blue Eggs from Ameraucanas

What We Offer

We sellΒ a variety of gorgeous heritage breed hand-blown eggs from our own backyard urban chicken farm from our Ameraucana, Buff Orpington, Cuckoo Marans, Gold Sex Link, Black Australorp, White Leghorn, and Welsummer hens. You may order these through our Etsy Shop or contact us directly. We’re happy to help you find egg-actly what you are looking for!

We offer a dozen of specificΒ color choices, or a variety pack, or please contact us, and if available, we can mix and match any colors as you need! We can mix and match quite a rainbow of colors for you!

Our Process

Each eggshell has a small hole in each end created by a Dremel tool to preserve eggshell integrity. Every eggshell is thoroughly blown out, cleaned and sanitized–a process which takes time and effort to produce a well-preserved shell. We take our chicken eggs seriously, as we love our chickens and each egg is a precious little treasure!

Decorating Ideas

Eggshells makes beautiful ornaments, table decorations, or are great for use on wreaths and for special holidays! For ornaments, add a bead/ornament cap on each end along with ribbon for a natural egg ornament, or decorate to your heart’s content!

About Our Hand Blown Egg Shells

***Please Note: eggs are naturally created, so they are imperfect, but as so, they are imperfectly beautiful! No two eggs are alike, nor will the eggs you receive look exactly like the ones in the pictures, but there will be similar variations and we always try to choose the most unique and interesting variety of eggshells to send to you! We love gathering our eggs and part of the eggcitement is that you never know what you are going to get! :)

***Also, we do our best to photograph your new eggshells in natural light without distorting color and do not filter our images. However, we cannot be held responsible for differences in color viewing on your device and will not process refunds due to this reason.