Packing List

  • All items need to be clearly marked with camper’s name
  • The Urban Chickens does not assume any responsibility for lost or stolen items.
  • Please check camper gear prior to drop off each day to ensure they are prepared for camp.

    Change of Clothing in a ziplock bag labeled with camper’s name (Just in case!)

    ___ 1 – extra t-shirt
    ___ 1 – pair – extra shorts
    ___ 1 – extra pair undergarments

    Everyday, please bring the Essential Items:

    For Camp Activities (in a backpack or tote bag)

    ___ 1 – long-sleeve shirt
    ___ 1 – towel
    ___ 1 – hat for sun protection
    ___ 1 – travel size sunscreen
    ___ 1 – waterproof rain jacket
    ___ 1 – pair gardening gloves
    ___ 1 – pair rain boots or garden clogs that are washable
    ___ 1 – pair sandals or flip flops (These will be worn outside of the chicken yard area). Please wear these to camp.

    Snack & Water

    ___ water bottle
    ___ snack
    ___ extra drink, if needed
    ___ lunch for the last day

    **Because we will be playing outside, gardening, experimenting, creating works of art, getting wet, and of course, hanging out with chickens, please dress for a mess and in old clothing that can get dirty and/or stained. We’re gonna have fun!!! :) :) :)

    Items to leave at home

    • cellphones
    • electronicsofanykind
    • money
    • valuablesthatcouldbelostorstolen • weaponsofanykind
    • candy
    • pets

    **We will be running through sprinklers or other cooling down activities during breaks on hot days. Please apply sunscreen prior to camp drop-off. During/After any water activity, campers may reapply sunscreen as they determine it is needed. Please talk with your camper about when and how to apply sunscreen. Thanks! Camp Staff is unable to assist with sunscreen or bug spray application. Additionally, it would be unusual for us to experience any bug issues, so bug spray is likely unnecessary, however, if you need it, please apply it prior to camp.

    A change of clothing and your camper’s rain boots/garden clogs will be left at camp for the duration of the week and rain boots/garden clogs will be cleaned and sanitized on the last day for their return to your home.

    After camp each day, please change into fresh clothes to enjoy the remainder of your day!

    We will provide

    • ice water or ice water with lemon or cucumber
    • garden veggies fresh from our organic garden
    • watermelon
    • otter pops

    Please be sure to provide any allergy information on the Camp Registration Agreement form and supply your camper with their own food and drinks if they are unable to consume the above. Thanks!

    Please talk with your camper about bringing a great attitude, a sense of adventure, curiosity, and respect for others and all living things to camp. Thank you!!! Questions? Contact us at 206-240-9304, we’re happy to help!

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