Welsummer Chickens

Sweetie's Chocolate Brown EggSweetie’s Chocolate Brown Egg

Welsummer EggsSweetie’s 1st – 5th Brown Eggs

The Welsummer breed is named after the village it originated from in Welsum, Holland, and chickens there are called Welsumer, with one ‘m’ not two as in the States, “Welsummer.” The famous Kellogg’s rooster was a Welsummer.

Our Sweetie, looked exactly like the three Ameraucanas or “Easter Eggers” we also adopted—very chipmunk-like—but she had these adorable little white spots speckled all over her downy, baby chick feathers and a gorgeous dark “eyeliner” line across her cheek from her eye to her neck. Her coloring was gorgeous!

As she matured, she developed an amazing orange “cowl” or “scarf” of feathers around her neck that just glistens in the sun and contrasts with her other red-brown feathers, and now that she is also growing in her single comb and wattles, she is even more stately. Her feathers have always been very distinct and beautiful.

Sweetie lays dark terracotta red-brown eggs with dark speckles on them(—I’m seeing a pattern here with the speckles, are you?), and she will lay approximately 180+ large to extra-large eggs per year during her 3 most productive years. Welsummers can also sometimes be broody and are cold-tolerant. Her body type is very sturdy, with a large, full tail, and she will grow to a weight of about 6 lbs. Welsummers are a heavy, heritage breed.